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Technical SEO can make or break the entire site’s SEO efforts.
Really. Fortunately, thanks to lots of helpful tools that do not need to be a coder to master technical SEO. And here, four of the most critical technical SEO best practices:

Speed Up Loading Time

Google is usually secretive about the factors that go into their algorithm.

However, there is one factor they are not shy about: The importance of the site’s loading speed.

How does anyone know if the site is fast enough? First, use a Google tool called PageSpeed Insights.

If the website has a bloated code or large images slowing down the page, this tool will tell you about it:

Use a Smart Site Architecture

When the site is brand-new with only a few pages, the site architecture does not matter that much. However, as the site grows, the architecture becomes essential. What do here mean by “site architecture,” exactly? It is how the pages on the site are organized and arranged. The goal is to keep the architecture “flat.” That way, it only takes 3-4 clicks to go from one page to another page on the site.

Why is this important?

Flat architecture helps link authority “flow” from one page to another… which can improve the search rankings for every page on your site.

Fix Errors

Next, use the uber-helpful Google Search Console to find errors and problems with the site’s technical SEO. Just head over to the “Index coverage report.”

Moreover, see if Google has trouble finding the relevant pages (which can happen if you blocked Google bot by mistake).

Be Mobile Friendly

You might have heard that Google has primarily moved to a new “mobile-first index”:

Let be the first to tell you:
Mobile-first-indexing is a huge deal.
For the first time, Google considers the mobile version of the site only version that matters.

That is why it is essential to use a tool like the “Mobile-Friendly Test” to ensure Google considers your site easy to use for mobile searchers.