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Amazing Content

When it comes to search engine optimization, the content is EVERYTHING. When the website is consistently published with great content, the website is well on the way to the top of Google’s first page. Fortunately, publishing fantastic content is not as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is ensure that every piece of content that is published has the three features. Outline below:

Feature #1: Long, In-Depth Content

If a website wants to rank, need to STOP publish generic, “me too” content. (Like: “5 Tips for X” or “7 Reasons to Start Y”).
A recent study of search engine ranking factors found a strong correlation between in-depth content and rankings:

In other words: Content that ranks well covers an entire topic on one page. For example, Earlier this year, I found a keyword that I wanted to rank for: “Mobile SEO”. Instead of a generic list post, I created a massive 4,000+ word guide. Moreover, because the guide shows EVERYTHING needs to know about mobile optimization, it very quickly climbed up to the top 3 in Google.

Feature #2: Satisfies User Intent

Thanks to an AI technology called Google RankBrain, Google can measure whether searchers are satisfied with a particular set of search results.

In other words:
If the content gives searchers what they want, Google will rank the website higher.

Feature #3: Great User Experience and Readability

Like just mentioned, Google closely tracks how people interact with the site. Specifically, Google pays a VERY close attention to one thing: The amount of time that people stay on the website page. If Google notices that people leave the site after a few seconds, the site can expect a rankings drop.

So: how do you keep searchers on the website longer? Here are two simple tips that work great: First, write an introduction that gets straight to the point.

Next, ensure the website content is SUPER easy to read.

That means:

  • Big font (15px+)

  • Lots of subheadings

  • Short paragraphs